Free Online Courses List

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This is a compilation of websites that offer free online courses or classes per September 2017. I got this list from Gbemipedia on twitter. Some may charge, but it is optional if you want a certificate upon completion of the courses/classes.

  1. Khan Academy (
  2. Coursera (
  3. Open Culture (
  4. Udemy (
  5. Academic Earth (
  6. edX (
  7. Alison (
  8. Oedb (
  10. Teamtreehouse (
  11. Stanford Online (
  12. Harvard Extension (
  13. Open Yale Courses (
  14. UC Berkeley Class Central (
  15. MIT OpenCouseWare (
  16. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative (
  17. Codecademy (
  18. We Think Code (
  19. Code (
  20. University of London Podcasts (
  21. University of Oxford Podcasts (
  22. BBC Podcasts (
  23. TED-Ed (
  24. LessonPaths (
  25. Memrise (
  26. National Geographic Kids
  27. Fun Brain (majority for kids) (
  28. Whyville (majority for kids) (
  29. Tutorialspoint (
  30. Charles Sturt University Short Courses (
  32. W3schools (
  33. Kadenze ( (art)
  34. Open2Study (
  35. eWorker ( (code)
  36. (art)
  37. NPTEL ( (engineering)
  38. (medical)
  39. FutureLearn (
  46. iTunesU Free Courses 


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Indonesia adalah salah satu negara agraris terbesar di dunia yang sebagian besar penduduknya masih berprofesi sebagai petani. Masyarakat perkotaan sering terlupa bahwa Indonesia adalah negara agraris yang sumber daya alamnya melimpah dan dapat dimanfaatkan untuk bahan pangan. Namun, pada kenyataannya, masyarakat perkotaan lebih memilih hasil alam impor. Balakosa membawa jawaban dari fenomena kecenderungan pemilihan bahan pangan impor.

Balakosa membantu petani dan meningkatkan nilai pangan lokal dengan menyediakan berbagai macam program yang mencakup lingkup produksi dan distribusi serta kreasi, seperti aplikasi, training, pembukaan restaurant, dan program-program lain dengan satu tujuan yaitu memberikan manfaat bagi petani Indonesia dan penduduk lokal.

Dari banyaknya kegiatan inovatif dan beragam yang disediakan Balakosa, saya paling menyukai inovasi tambahan Balakosa seperti Balakosa Kitchen dan Balakosa Skin Care. Di Balakosa Kitchen, makanan di restoran ini disajikan dari bahan pangan lokal. Dengan adanya Balakosa Kitchen, orang-orang dapat melihat contoh makanan yang dapat diolah menjadi nilai yang tinggi. Ambience yang nyaman juga menjadi fitur unggulan Balakosa Kitchen. Saya juga menyukai Balakosa Skin Care mengingat kosmetik di Indonesia dikuasai produk impor.

Namun yang saya sayangkan dari program Balakosa adalah training yang hanya dilaksanakan dua hari. Sepertinya jika ingin memiliki dampak besar, training sebaiknya dibuat lebih lama, sekitar seminggu, dan berkelanjutan. Dengan begitu, ada progress yang bisa diukur oleh Balakosa sendiri yang nantinya bisa menjadi data sebagai sumber program inovasi lainnya. Begitu juga dengan seminar yang perlu dibuat berkelanjutan di tempat yang berbeda.

Secara keseuluran, saya menyukai ide inovatif dari Balakosa dan mengembangkannya menjadi program-program unggulan lain. Dalam pengerjaannya Balakosa harus memperhatikan setiap program akan akan dijalankannya supaya sesuai dengan visi Balakosa sendiri.

Saya harap

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Hey, it's been so long since our last talk. I couldn't contact you in any way because I only know your account here and your number in WhastApp, and the last time you went online there was in May 2016. I know it's no different here, with your last login was 11 months ago... You haven't told me about your result on IELTS yet and I'm still waiting for the news. I hope the result was great so you could go to the UK for your bachelor degree pursuing study in the fashion business and marketing. I hope now you're currently living your dream and making the most of it.

I suddenly remembered you with our conversations and calls, and I wish someday we could continue to be friends, talking about anything and calling each other when we feel like it. I usually counted the time difference that we had when we messaged each other because I didn't want to bother you. At certain times I purposely stayed up until late at night in case you send me messages so I could reply right away.

You are the person whom I first have called with on this site and you gave me this warm, comfortable, and enjoyable feeling. You were very welcoming and open-minded to me despite our countries' gap in terms of development and location. You took away all my concerns trying to speak in English after some time, and right after our first talk, I knew right away I wanted to continue to talk to you.

It was near until our last conversation in WhatsApp when you asked me for some little chit-chat, you said. You asked me to wait for you to have a shower and I did. By the time you called, I was doing something else for a short time and away from my phone. I kept waiting for you until I realized you had called me before. I said sorry I didn't notice your call and you didn't answer. You answered the next day that it was no problem for you and told me you had thought you did well on the IELTS by sending text messages. It was very plain to just read it. I wanted to hear it directly from you but I couldn't simply say that. And that was the last day we talked. That day was also the day you told me your intention of taking IELTS specifically by mentioning the name of the university and major you aimed for. You hoped everything goes well as your very last message to me and I'm still hoping that everything is still going well for you.

All my thoughts are streaming in my head. I didn't intend to write to you in this long message but I couldn't help. All I wanted to say is, I miss you, and I wish we could continue sharing our stories and be friends for a very long time.



When the Two Opposite Worlds Meet

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Since the first time, I have declared to myself.
We're just going to be friends. Just friends.

I can't fall with someone who's trait I don't even think I'd consider to like
Someone who has different way of life.
Someone who's habits I don't particularly like.
It is even against the morals that I profess.

We're living in two opposite worlds

But then
Why did you let me dig you deeper
I'm feeling I have known you better
Certainly, you still have a lot more that I haven't discovered

Are you keeping your secrets?
Will you eventually reveal them all to me?

I'm guilty.
I shouldn't have gotten closer to you in the first place.

Indonesians are too kind

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I was invited to join my friend to Bogor to see this particular flower, he said. It turned out that we actually were heading to another place, to see the S flower in C park.

We arrived at 6.11 while the closing time was 6.00 PM. The gate was already closed and locked, and there's no one near that gate.
Two of us are exchange students from Japan and it was only their 3rd days here in Indonesia. With that reason, and not to mention the traffic that we had, we didn't want to waste our time to just go home.

There was this little gap between the wall and the side gate that the size of it was big enough for us to pass through it. Without thinking much, we came inside the gate though that gap. It was already dark and there's no lighting whatsoever. We could only find the map of the park. One of my friends said that we should walk, but we all knew that it'd take a long time to walk because people usually use car to get around the park. After discussing for a little bit, finally we decided to just walk and find S garden and go home.

Not so long after we walked, we met security officer. He told us that the S flower hasn't bloomed yet and there's no lighting so what I took from his words was please don't go to S garden at this hour. However, he did not say anything like "This garden has closed already, please go home now"
So I told my friend that he should tell the security officer that that day is their last day here in Indonesia so it'd really mean so much if they could see the flower. Then the security officer told us to ask other security officers who were inside the office. We went there, but there's no one there. There  were many security officers but they're outside, smoking, chatting, and just sitting.

Then we just stood there for like 10 minutes without knowing what we should do. We contemplated again whether or not should we continue our walk. This friend started to lead the way to our destination again.

Just a few hundred meters after we walked, we were missing 2 girls.. So we got back and found they're with the security guards. They said they didn't want to continue...

After a while, the security officer told us, "If you really want to see the S flower, then we will take you there," without us realizing that they were already ready with their patrol car. We were a bit stunned and we spontaneously asked how much we should pay for this. They said, "No, it's alright. We just want to help you. It's already dark and it's far away so we don't want you to get hurt or get something else'"

We hopped into the car, and in no time they took us to see the S flower and the waterfall. There was just one flower that was blooming in the tree. And that's it.

The security officers even told us the history of this tree on why they ended up here. They were giving us information just like a tour was supposed to be. We were having fun near the waterfall, taking pictures anplayingng around there. And they still waited for us.

We got back riding that patrol car again to the place where we first met them. We gave some tips to the guards, even though they didn't ask for it.

The Japanese students then asked us, "Why are Indonesians so kind?" "I don't know, we're just like that. Maybe they're thinking that it's dangerous to go outside at night, we could encounter animals or even spiritis since the land is full of forest and trees. But actually, it's not right like this. This could be a bribary. This park is closed now, but we got a free ride, with no tickets which were supposed to be Rp 10.000 each. But in return we gave money directly to the security officers."

And then it hit me. Why we're always like this, full of corruption and lies. They say we're developing country but we're not developing at all. We all stay the same. Only people with money or power is developing, not us.
Why can't we change? Why is it so hard to just develop and change this dirty culture? It's simply because we're too kind. We're too kind to always forgive those powerful people when they make use of us. We're too kind to not do anything that could harm their position. We're too kind so we easly accept any form of bribary with the reason of "gak enak soalnya".

It's as simple as that.

We're too kind and it's in our culture so it wouldn't be an easy task to change it.

After we had done with the giving money thing, we started walking. The security officers then asked, "Why are you walking again?" "We parked our car in front of the other gate," "Oh! Hop on again, we'll take you there," and then we rode that car again, arrived safely near the gate. We then went to our car through the same gap when they were still around there.